Norris Embry


Q: Does the Norris Embry Estate give grants to arts organizations or individual artists?
The Norris Embry Estate does not provide such ressources.

Q: Does the Norris Embry Estate purchase art work by Norris Embry or other artists?

Q: Can the public see art works by Norris Embry currently owned by the Norris Embry Estate?
The Norris Embry Estate does not have facilities for showing its work to individuals. Special requests from public institutions can be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Q: I'm doing some research on Norris Embry. Does the Norris Embry Estate have a library?
The Norris Embry Estate does not have a formal research facacility and suggests that enquiries be directed to the public institutions listed under "Public Collections" on this site. The Estate is willing, on a case-by-case basis, to offer guidance to serious academic researchers.

Q: I think I have a real Norris Embry painting/drawing. How do I find out if it is authentic?
In order for the Estate to consider your enquiry, it is necessary to submit complete information on each work, as specified on the Catalogue Raisonné page on this site. The authentification committee will examine each work duly submitted and, if deemed to be authentic, the work will be added to the Norris Embry Catalogue Raisonné, and a certificate of authenticity will be delivered. The Norris Embry Estate does not offer appraisal services.

Q: What is the market price of a Norris Embry painting/drawing?
The Norris Embry Estate does not offer information or advice on this subject.

Q: Where can I buy Norris Embry paintings?
Neither norrisembry.com nor Norris Embry Art Collection Ltd. offer works of art for sale. Please consult our "Representing Galleries" section or, alternatively, consult an internet search engine under the name "Norris Embry".

Q: How can I get permission to use Norris Embry images?
Please consult the "Copyright" section of this site.